Monty Ogilvie Interview with Liam Hartery

Monty Ogilvie Interview with Liam Hartery – boxing, boxing match, boxing news, boxing highlights, boxing photographs, boxing matches full fights, boxing match highlights, boxing highlights 2019, boxing motivation – hi everyone thanks for watching today today I’m with Monty Ogilvie professional boxer and Celtic title challenger thanks for being with us today Monty the coolest name in boxing by the way I like that that’s gotta be yeah that’s got one of the coolest names I’ve heard in in boxing it’s a unique one my dad is my dad’s called John and decided that he wanted me to have an interesting name so he called me Montgomery Monty for short yeah I like that but you know it makes you stand out in the ring It’s a good name see some good names a memorable name I’m sorry for cutting across I got him to thank you for that it influences my walk out music as well I walk out to Tom Jones you ‘You can Leave Your Hat On’ by Filmore yeah okay that’s a great song that’s a good choice you know something a bit different I like that actually because you often hear people walk up to the same type of thing you know so it’s nice when when like when I’m at fights and somebody walks out to the same type of thing so it’s a bit different yeah so let’s start at the beginning I mean you know you and boxing I mean how did you first get into boxing how did the journey begin for you in the sport ? I grew up and I lived in the middle of nowhere called Kiln so it’s right in the middle of nowhere but and quite a small high school I am really far back when I was in primary school I really really struggled with everything and really really struggled and I was just slow its go slow and and I wasn’t very good academically or physically I couldn’t play football wand with Rugby I was always put in goals playing football my me mates because I were useless and I think it kind of stuck with me you know I remember as sad as it sounds but I remember my parents like at a parents evening through school and I was there and I was all the pictures on the wall everyone had done in our art class but mine wasn’t on the wall because it wasn’t very good I always liked fighting and that kind of stuck with me and growing up fighting and always like I liked fighting Bruce Lee I liked martial arts movies and when I went into high school aged to and not what I saw But I got in a lot of trouble for fighting the bigger boys and I was quite small and my moum had a friend whose son boxed called Mark I did’nt know him very well and he took down to the boxing club and he stopped going I just kept going and I love it right away So Okay that’s how it started and I know that your amateur career was obviously a bit sort of touch and go I mean could you sort of tell us a little bit more about your amateur career? Well as I say I love boxing straight away really and I was in and out of the gym and properly started going to that club two months at the Boxing Club two and I got put forward for a bout and won my first bout as an amateur and beat a boy about years ago now and David Johnson’s name was and then after I lost of my next bouts and on the next and thats why I kept training and you know I’ve got a bit disheartened and and everything and everything was going on was quite hard you know and I lost a lot fights but I loved it and was so passionate about the sport I stuck it out and I kept training and around that time me and my mates went off to University when I was and I didn’t box for two years So there was no training and I hadn’t boxed and I decided I’ll have a crack at this just for the fun of it really and then I wound up winning seven bouts in a row when I came back and and then I lost one and three in a row and then went on to win a title and just the district title and then went onto win the university title Oh then I boxed a couple of them Scottish selects So boxed and then went over to Cyprus and thaen boxed in England and yeah that’s kinda what happened it just it took off and it was it like everything in my life like even university even though I struggled at school and I struggled and I struggled with sports to struggle with everything but for boxing and boxing taught me if you persevere like you get through things and you come through the other end of it and thats how it was for me So I left school where I had pretty poor grades I went to college for a couple years and then all of a sudden I realised you work hard I’ll get the good grades and I wound up going to uni I just can’t stumbled into it all and it was all just through just hard


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