4 KILLER BASEBALL HITTING DRILLS You Can Do Everyday To Improve Your Hitting QUICKLY!

In this video, Nick Shaw, former Brewers Middle Infielder shares the 4 baseball hitting drills he did before every baseball game to get him locked in and ready to hit! You can steal these baseball hitting drills from Nick and use them everyday just like he did to improve your hitting and stay consistent. Just remember, not all hitting drills are made for everyone. Identify your specific problems and issues and use hitting drills that will help you correct those specific swing flaws.

Nick Shaw is the creator of The Baseball Box, a monthly subscription box sent directly to your doorstep every month. Filled with baseball goodies, it’s a great gift for that special baseball player.



If you were searching for baseball hitting drills, then you’re in the right place because these are some great baseball hitting drills for anyone who has the tendency to roll over, fly out opposite field site, pull out, or get around baseballs. All four of these hitting drills will keep you honest and consistent in staying inside the ball.

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Thanks so much for watching! If you have any questions or comments about these baseball hitting drills or want to see more hitting drills that you can steal, then leave a comment below and lets talk some baseball down below!


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